more progressive and▓ that the opposite is the losing● side.The indiv

idualists, in their scorn of so●cialism, render the most valuab●le ser

vice towards fundamental and co●mplete reaction to the [Pg 317]aristoc?/p>


坮atic-plutocratic party of exploitation, beca●use they spread confusion in the ran●ks of the idealists by discreditin▓g their solidarity.Nevertheless, they call them●selves the Moderns, and dub the advocates ▓of solidarity 'old fogies.' The most mod▓ern thing in the West is a vile● cult of the Uebermensch (over-man) ●Renais


sance sentimentalism and th▓e cult of beauty in bearing—sthetic▓ snobism. All that originates with● Nietzsche.The mistake, however, does no●t lie in the principle of individualis●m, which does not exclude solidarity●, but, on the contrary, advances it.For the i●ndividual unquestionably attains solidar●ity in the


very struggle towards his own perf▓ection.The mistake lies in the stheticism, in ▓the basing of life on externals a▓nd on enjoyment.Connected with this is▓ the strangest thing of all, t▓hat this resurrection of the madness of the● Renaissance has not made use of art.For all th▓at is produced is nothing but pure sill●iness.I have not laughed so m●uch for years

Collect from 姘㈣璁?/a>


as at an entirely serious acco●unt of the contents of Mona Van●na, or at the poems which our sthete a●nd decadent Balmont read to me.None of▓ those things are to be taken seriously as art.●They will only confuse people through their absu▓rdity, which could not exist if● the healthy human understanding had not be●en brought into discredit.It is no bett▓er with you in Germany.Why is your literary ●product so low [Pg 318] Who knows, ▓count It has already been asser▓ted that since 1870 the gifted minds have turned▓ to more serious and m

Event 1
  • Wednesday
    lenic or3rd September 2084
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    Sidonia9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
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    n laws tLifestyle Mall
    h▓e spiYangon, Myanmar
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    ritual e7th August 2084
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    bb and f6:30 PM to 9:30 PM
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    mat●ion10:00 AM ~ 5:00 PM
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    ty uses Hua Hin, Thailand

ore lucrative c●allings than literature.But I do not bel▓ieve it.The sciences show at present j●ust as few geniuses as the arts.It

seems as i●f there were laws of ebb and flow here, to▓o.Sometimes a whole billow of in●spired intellects is flung upon▓ the earth,


and then there is long d●rought.We have had


no great writers since Gottf●ried Keller. Gottfried Keller I h●ave never heard the name before.Who was he Wh●at did he write He was▓ a Swiss

who inherited Goethe's free out▓look on life


, and wrote the best German novels●, full of creative art, of racy hu▓mor, and of almost uncanny kn▓owledge of human nature.He ▓wo

uld give you much pleasure. How Y●ou say he


inherits to some degree from Goeth●e.In that case my enthusiasm would be doubtf●ul, for I cannot say I especially love that G▓oethe of yours. Is i


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t possible ●There are some of his works I ▓admire without reserve, wh

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ich stand among the ▓finest things that have ever● been written: Hermann

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and Dorot▓hea, for instance.I once knew his dedica▓tion by heart.Yet th


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e lyrics of Heine, fo▓r instance, make a deeper impr●ession upon me than Goethe's. Pard●on the remark, count, but in that case● your knowledge of the German language is not [P●g 319]sufficient for you to notice t▓he difference in quality.Heine is a vi▓rtuoso, who plays with form.● With Goethe, every word brea▓thes the deepest spiritual e●xperience and is uttered fro●m inward necessity. The sa

me thing i●s said here of Pushkin—that ▓his greatness can be appreciated only by th▓ose who are most deeply imbued wi▓th the spirit of the language.▓I haven't any too much faith in all th●at, however.To be sure, a translation▓ is only the wrong side of the carpet; y●et I believe really great works▓ hold their own in translatio●n, so the form of phrase cannot be● the only test for the value● of a writing.But what repel▓s me in Goethe is precisely that play on form o▓f which you accuse Heine.Goethe and S●hakespeare are both artists in the● sense in which you reproach the Moderns.Th●ey are bent only upon sthetic play, and cr●eate on

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ose in ●his work.He had not the cold ambition● of the artist to be merely faithful to his ▓model.He was full of longin▓g that we should be carried ●away with him.Of the three requirements I ▓make of the great artist—technical perf?/p>



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